The new Audi A6 is one of the leading full-size luxury sedans on the road today. Much of its popularity is owed in part to its innovative technology. Learn what technological features come standard when you choose the new Audi A6 for your own today.

To start, it allows you to pair your smartphone or tablet using its integrated Bluetooth technology. You can use its built-in Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to transfer your favorite apps, playlists and other features to your new Audi A6. All of your mobile device features are then displayed on the car's large and bright 7.0-inch LED touchscreen. You can also use this screen to control your car's media and also send and receive hands-off texts or phone calls.

The new Audi A6 also comes with Amazon Alexa. This feature lets you control your home's smart appliances and access information like gas prices or restaurant locations.


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