Understanding Signs Your Vehicle Needs Ignition Service

Your prolong the life of your vehicle by obtaining necessary service is a proactive manner. This includes addressing issues that arise with the ignition system. A key to tending to your ignition system in a timely manner is obtaining prompt service when the need arises.

Understanding signs your vehicle needs ignition service is crucial. A common sign of the need for ignition service is grinding when you turn the key. Grinding likely means the starter gear is worn or otherwise malfunctioning. A whining sound usually means the starter gear and flywheel aren't engaging. This usually is called "freewheeling."

If you have questions about your ignition, or are in need of service, visit our friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained pros at Audi Salt Lake City. Located in Salt Lake City, our team is eager to assist you with all of your service needs, including if you find yourself with an emergency on your hands.


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