Audi A5 Coupe design features give as much preference to efficiency as they do to sheer comfort and convenience. It doesn't hurt that the A5 Coupe's redesigned, sporty silhouette makes it even more popular in the luxury coupe category. A sporty, refined look is but one of many design features that bolster the A5 Coupe's rep. Here are two more design features selected by our Audi Salt Lake City team.

Atmospheric Interior Lighting

Choose between 30 different colors of ambient interior lighting. The lighting is LED for optimal brightness and energy efficiency. The lighting placement follows a discreet pattern, giving the visual impression that Audi A5 Coupe's cabin is aglow.

Multi-Zone Climate Control

?Audi A5 Coupe seats five, offering three-zone climate control for the maximum comfort of front and rear passengers. Plus, the two rear seats fold down independently, letting you tweak cargo space for everyday or every excursion. Swing by our Salt Lake City dealership today for a quick, fun test drive of the Audi A5 Coupe. We can't wait to meet you.


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