Performance and Magnetism With the Audi S3 Sedan

When looking at a vehicle, one thing that is worth noticing is the different types of materials that make up the performance of the vehicle. Developers of the Audi S3 have not only put a lot of thought into the power of the vehicle but also thought about the smoothness of the vehicle.

One thing that adds to the smoothness of the ride provided by the Audi S3 is the magnetic fluid that is in the shock absorber. This helps keep the ride going more smoothly. This also works well with the four driver settings of the vehicle which are Individual, Comfort, Auto and Dynamic.

If you are looking for something that has a lot of variety when it comes to the modes that are available in the vehicle, then the Audi S3 Sedan is the vehicle we have for you at Audi Salt Lake City. Call us or visit us if you have questions and want a test drive.



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