What Front Wheel Drive vs. Rear Wheel Drive Means to You as a Driver

While you are probably aware that some vehicles are front wheel drive and some are rear wheel drive, you might not be totally sure which kind of car is the best for you. Here at Audi Salt Lake City, we want to help you make an educated choice.

Front wheel drive vehicles are friendlier to your wallet. These vehicles are easier to build and get better gas mileage, too. They get better traction because the driving power is pulling the front wheels, so they are dependable in snow and rain. They are not, however, made for high speeds or rough terrain.

Sports cars, race cars, and emergency vehicles are expected to be fast and able to take a lot of abuse. These vehicles are usually rear wheel drive, and they are powered forward by more of a pushing force from the back wheels. While this is great for cruising down the highway on a sunny afternoon, rear wheel drive vehicles do not do so well when you are driving through nasty weather.

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