Your Tire Tread Keeps You Safe On The Road

The tread on your tires is what gives you traction when driving on the road. That is what makes it such a critical component on your vehicle. Here at Audi Salt Lake City, we always encourage our customers to keep an eye on the condition of their tire and tire tread. Maintaining your tires is key to safe driving when you are behind the wheel of your luxurious Audi vehicle.

Tread can wear down faster and also unevenly if your tires are either over or under inflated. It is crucial that the PSI in your tires is at the recommended level. Additionally, regular tire rotations will help the tread wear down evenly, which keeps them safer and will also add to their lifespan in addition.

Tire tread is especially important during the rainy months when the roads are wet. If your tires are low on tread, they will not be able to displace the water correctly and that could cause your vehicle to slip on the road, causing potentially dangerous situations.

So come on down to our certified service department here at Audi Salt Lake City and let us do a tire inspection and rotation for you so you can get back on the road safely.

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