Cabin and Engine Air Filters Require Random Inspections for Proper Functioning

The cabin and engine air filters are specifically designed to prevent harmful air particles from getting into areas of your vehicle that could become problematic.

The engine air filter works in combination with the combustion chamber from the power of your engine. For a relatively small part, it does an incredible amount of work. Once the combustion air reaches the engine air filter, it immediately begins to block debris, bugs, dirt and many other harmful contaminants. If the engine air filter becomes clogged, it becomes inoperable.

A cabin air filter is more streamlined and merely works off the air-flow that enters the interior of the vehicle and shields the occupants against the same type of contaminants.

Often times, you receive email reminders or mailings that advise of your next scheduled service, but both filters require random inspections.

For an inspection of your cabin and engine air filters, make an appointment with Audi Salt Lake City!
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