Making the Most this Season of Your Holiday Traveling

Don't let heavy traffic ruin your holiday spirit this year! There are ways you can make the most of your time on the road and lessen your chances of getting stuck in all that traffic. The Audi Salt Lake City team is here to help:

  • Don't start your trip when every other driver is getting out on the highways. Wait until night or very early in the morning to get a jump on traffic.
  • When you are traveling long-distance, interstates near airports can be some of the most congested. Locate any major airports on your route and take a detour around these areas where the holiday traffic will not be going.
  • There are several phone apps that can alert you to things like accidents or congestion on certain roads you will be traveling on. Download your favorite for real-time assistance.

At Audi Salt Lake City, we would love to give your vehicle a complete check-up before you begin your long holiday travels this year. Contact us to arrange an Audi service appointment!

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