Why Using Winter Wiper Blades is the Right Choice

Once the weather gets colder, the time to consider getting your wiper blades changed over to winter windshield wiper blades is now. Those older wiper blades will not be able to keep up with the snow and ice here in Salt Lake City, UT, so visiting the Audi dealership for new winter blades is the smart choice.

The winter blades were manufactured with a casing that keeps ice and snow from disrupting the framework. Now those winter blades can flex properly over ice and snow and give you a clearer line of vision. As the temperatures begin to drop, the rubber on those old blades hardens and will begin to tear. Winter blades are constructed with durable rubber that is crafted to handle the huge swings in temperatures. Winter wiper blades won't bend as they push the heavy snow off the windshield.

When you come by Audi Salt Lake City, our team will remove the old blades and install a set of new winter wiper blades today.

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