Use Salt, Kitty Litter or Sand to Get Unstuck This Season

The winter season brings holidays, joy and warm food – but it also brings cold weather. In many areas, like Salt Lake City, it will also dump down the snow and bring on some ice, making the driving conditions some of the most dreaded throughout the year. However skilled you may be as a driver, keeping salt, sand and kitty litter with you in your vehicle through the winter is a smart decision to make because you may find yourself stuck in the snow or ice at some point.

Having the salt, sand and kitty litter handy ensures that you can give your vehicle the traction it needs to get unstuck and back on the road. Apply the salt first because it will melt the ice and it will also dissolve into the water that is created from the melted ice. If you use sand, either after the salt or with it, it will ensure that you have a gritty path to provide adequate traction for your vehicle. Kitty litter works as an excellent first step to give the best traction, but it will also get very sticky when it gets wet. Use caution with all three of these traction-improving methods this winter.

Make sure your vehicle gets the best winter maintenance this season by bringing it in to Audi Salt Lake City or another auto service center today. Drive safely.

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