Meet our Audi Technologist | Fredman Teixeira

Our Audi Technologist is the first point of contact with you, our customers, to provide technology-related customer assistance. As driver-controlled, in-vehicle technologies become more complex we are offering more assistance and instruction in their use.  The Audi Technologist is available to answer your technology questions as you learn about your Audi.

Contact Fredman Teixeira directly at 801.433.2834 or email him at
Fredman has undergone a comprehensive Audi Dealership Technology training course and is an expert in all areas of the technology equipped in your Audi.  This will ensure that the features in your vehicle are understood and easy to use in your driving experience.  The Audi Technologist can assist with questions about Audi MMI, Advanced Key, Audi Connect, Night Vision, the Audi Parking System and more.
To speak with Fredman, simply fill out the form below and he will contact you.